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Happy birthday Alex, today I had the absolute pleasure to be invited to celebrate Alex‘s birthday. He turned the young age of 99, to say this was an honor would be a massive understatement. It is so difficult to understand the world we live in today and the people we deal with. The particular group of gentlemen in attendance was that of massive proportion. The historical history in the room at one time, was almost unheard of. It’s tough to say but, I’m not sure we’ll see these type of men in these days. This is a quick picture of Jimmy shine paying some accolade to Alex, it was truly an honor to be there with these folks. We can only wish to be as they are today. By the way at the young age of 99, Alex has quite a bit of fire in his blood still. Again thank you so very much BRUCE for the invitation, it was the hottest ticket in town and that’s the truth. @bonneville_200 @shine_speedshop @roybriziostreetrods @hollywood_hot_rods @billyfgibbons I apologize I do not know all of the Instagram handles feel free to add them to this post if you know them..

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