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OK truth be told, I’m a maniac ….I’m out of my mind….. I’m difficult and I’m hard to make happy. With that said, I strive for absolute perfection. Is it possible, some say no but I say absolutely. When I started this ride, I set out to create an environment like no other. There’s many things to go through but the pools themselves, are the sickest. You’ve seen me shoot two pools so far, tomorrow we’re gonna do pool two… At a 133 feet long and 30 feet wide, at 9 feet deep…. this is an epic undertaking. We will start at seven and who knows when we will be done. I have a time lapse camera set up, which is this shot you see here. Tomorrow the In-N-Out Burger truck will be on site serving lunch to 200 some people, stop by and get a burger, see you around. #scottgillen

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