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Three years ago I started this journey, I wanted to create an environment of complete pause. Today is the day we see it all coming together. Water going in the pool, BOOM 💥 what a moment it was. So proud excited and exhausting, all at the same time. The Case as it’s known is nearly complete and this is The Edge as it’s come to me called. Five mid century modern home estates in total and the word epic come to mind. This is a Legacy for me and to have my daughter working along side has been such a absolute joy. I hope she follows in my footsteps and creates her own Legacy one day…. Pool is almost full, complete pictures of the home will be out soon…. Hope you love it like I do…. #scottgillendesign @sofiagillen_ @sandrodazzan @coopermount for those of you who have filled the process… here you go…. Comments are open now.

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