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When I started the case, I stood there on the dirt and visualized exactly what I was going to design. Looking back on that day today, I can honestly tell you I had no idea what that would be, yet again they will look just like this. It’s a very difficult statement to articulate and of course it makes no sense whatsoever. I wanted something very mid century modern, as I’ve said, before, I’ve always try too reinvent myself every day. This is the next home up at the case, I call it #TheCantilever. It gets it’s name from the massive cantilevered roof system on the ocean side, it’s about 24 feet long with no upright structural post. It hangs in the air like a sail. I found this fantastic dwarf coral tree for the front yard, accented by the poured in place planters. As I stand here today I wanted to create a separation between all five homes and I think I have done that. I hope you don’t mind the photo it was just down and dirty with my iPhone. #scottgillendesign #midcenturymodernarchitecture #malibu

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PO BOX 2833
MALIBU, CA 90265


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