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Perched above the shore. //

An entrance that speaks for itself. //

Timeless environment. //

Ya it don’t look like much but just wait….. crappy homes that have Character. Old and ugly today but…….. just wait. I look for homes with potential and then Bring it. Updates 🔜

Simple but very complex. #scottgillendesign #malibu

I love full exposure and I love keeping it simple. This is about as simple and complex as it gets. You have no idea…. #scottgillendesign #masterbathroom #malibu

Another example of the type of detail I use when I create a specific exposed beam detail. Great home with a great vide, lots of warmth. I don’t do many exposed beams any more, I think I’ve been copied way too many times and I’ve come up with new ways to bring the warmth into a home. This was about 7 years ago and looks like this today. Open spaces are the best, you get to see it all…. #scottgillendesign #malibu

Solid oak doors and a stainless steel tub along with some handmade tiles, shower naked in front of the world. Is that actually a complete sentence, this master bath is so clean. This is a home I completed a couple years back, it’s back on the market for resale and is currently listed for 20 million. @sandrodazzan #scottgillendesign #malibu

I spent a lot of time on the ceilings, detailing out a pattern of exposed beams. It seems to bring a lot of warmth into the home, I love it. This one in Malibu recently sold, I haven’t had a chance to meet the owner yet, maybe I’ll bump into them here in Malibu…. #scottgillendesign #malibu

Another home sold under the Unvarnished brokerage. Congrats to the owners on your new home and your epic view of the Pacific.



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MALIBU, CA 90265