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It looks like a small scale model, the iPhone takes amazing images. But it really does look like a big doll house doesn’t it? It’s amazing that this is roughly 16,000 ft.². @sandrodazzan @aaronkirman #scottgillendesign

Clean simple

I think this is one of my best homes, there’s so much depth in this image. The glass bulbs that are hanging, they’re hand blown and we have created our own miniature chandelier. The beams are hand-painted and hand, sanded, the brackets for the beams also made in house. The carpet we make is custom, as well as the furniture that you see. All the teak doors and windows are also built custom… I try and tip the scale in every-way possible. I find it extremely hard to buy store-bought items, you have to control your entire environment. I must tell you we have found some amazing tradesmen, and true craftsman along the way #scottgillendesign

Great vibe this home has, love the entrance columns, and the wraparound teak windows. The grassy front yard and massive ocean down to cross creek…. Yup I could live here. The grass you can’t see but it’s just outside the shot, how funny I reread what I posted and realize you can’t see the grass…. Ok well I thought it was very funny, I’m a bit out there

Rain Mud and The Flat…. The Case. Fighting to become the beauty, mid century, modern architecture. What a chore what a job what are adventure, how tired am I. #scottgillendesign #thecase #private #midcenturymodernarchitecture

I try hard to keep things simple not complicated, great vibe and style. It’s pretty easy with the ocean right here, not that hard at all… when you look at the rooms it seems to flow rather easy, it’s important to allow the space to be properly proportioned. I never want to walk in a room and have it feel different then the rest of the home, regardless of what the room is. #theedge #scottgillendesign #private #midcenturymodern Check out the shadows 😱

Acoustically, engineered and completely soundproof, this room floats. A proper media room that doesn’t touch the actual structure is the only way to go. Perforated screen laser projector and 32 pairs of speakers. This just might blow your skirt up. #scottgillendesign #private #guardgatedcommunity #thecase #midcenturymodern #estates

Night time photo shoot was pretty sick….I think. The photographer captured the essence pretty good. I’m always amazed at the homes at the end. When you design, you fall into the tunnel and sometimes you get stuck in there. Fresh eyes 👀 show you things you might have missed, I hope I did not miss much. Very proud of my people as they have given me the heart and soul on this one and can’t wait to release the next one. #scottgillendesign #thecase #private

Pretty much at the end and this is the result. #scottgillendesign

I don’t know, a few more plants and it looks like we are almost there. Maybe a movie and some dinner. #scottgillendesign



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