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At just over 11,000 sq ft, this one is just nuts. #scottgillendesign @sofiagillen_ #thebutterfly

I have to be there at seven forty five so I can go get my stuff at the store 🏬 but I’ll be back by then and then I’ll go get it from you guys so if you’re still there and then you want to go get your stuff and I’ll just go to my moms and then you could just go straight there and get the rest of your clothes from the house 🏠 so I don’t need you to come home early and get me….. make sense? …. So I was just trying to see how long the sentence could be if I just used the auto fill an auto correct and that’s what it came up with

It’s about what you can’t see….. Can you see it. A space is just a space until it’s not, what do you see? #scottgillendesign

Been a while but still at it, one more home to go……. This one is the office of The Edge….. #scottgillendesign #malibu #thecase #epic

Hello sunshine, doesn’t get better than this. In a word, epic. #scottgillendesign

A bigger view of The Case just in case you’ve been living under a rock. We are very near to completion of all five homes, might want to stop by and visit. Just saying….. #scottgillendesign

Looks just as imagined in my little head. When I first started The Case, I stood on the dirt and imagined just how it would look. The thought process while precise was a complete lie as I had no idea. Looking back now I can tell you it would look just like this. Creativity is so nuts as you create. You can see it all and see nothing at the same time, yes that makes no sense. Mid century modern was the vision and I’m very excited to start too share all of the homes…. What a team of traders I have…… great guys. Thank you all. #scottgillendesign #thecase

Ya, what the picture says 😎. Thank you the real deal. Any press is good press…. #scottgillendesign #thecase

What the Hell….. time capsule.

Some fire pit stuff…. Poured in place concrete.



PO BOX 2833
MALIBU, CA 90265