Keep Me Informed

At night when it’s all closed up what do you think of……

BBQ center… so clean

Playing with colors, saturation rack focus, trying to get that Slim Aarons look….

Coming soon…. Maybe even sooner then that. #scottgillendesign

I prefer the simple but retro look, patina is good. The older the better. They say perfection is nothing but failure, this might be true but the fight to get there is nothing but… we live in a world that lacks all the integrity that use to be and it’s important that we teach the craft of tomorrow that still exist. This might not be perfect but is pretty close, you might not love it but it’s about the heart it took to get here… no one can take that…. It’s heart and soul….. fight the fight for what you believe… great weekend to all of you…. #scottgillendesign #midcenturymodernarchitecture #theedge #malibu teach our children….

Ok bring in the plants and put some water in the pool please…. #scottgillendesign

So I’ve been a little busy, a friend of mine was flying this weekend. He sent me this picture from above, it is pretty epic. I can’t believe I was able to achieve this. We are so close to being fully complete. Never give up on your Vision. The goal was to create a private community at the highest level. #scottgillendesign those who really know me know what this has taken and how much I’ve give to achieve this…

Hate the 🌧️ RAIN love the sky. Very happy to be working with the buyer to make this house a home. Sold prior to completion, The Flat here #thecase is EPIC. #scottgillendesign

And as I continue to share more images of #thecase here is The Glass Tunnel. This is the kitchen. The corner window opens as the roof and ceiling cantilever with no structural component. It is pretty epic, the windows open and line up precisely in front of the fixed window. This is a very dramatic affect, allowing the ocean to come into the house. The largest estate at the case, I can’t wait was completed. #scottgillendesign

I try to hide something in the best places, check out that ocean view. Check out that shower, you’re not gonna shower here if you’re shy. Epic home on Malibu Road. What do you see? #scottgillendesign



PO BOX 2833
MALIBU, CA 90265