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I have set out for a very distinctive look, a nod to the mid century modern Era. I think I’ve gotten it close but with a twist. Thoughts? #scottgillendesign #thecase #malibu This is The Edge located inside The Case. A very private community. First looks coming soon. Look closely at the details, solid teak garage door jam, handmade 24 inches bricks that encompass the spine walls. It takes an army to do what we’ve done.

It was the coolest day, 370 years Combined. Happy birthday to Alex, pretty cool I must say

Negative space, it speaks louder than you know. #scottgillendesign

What does it take to build five home simultaneously besides unlimited drive and the absolute pursuit to perfection, Patience….. this is without a doubt one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life. The daily struggles, trials and tribulations focus and unlimited drive, just a few. I’m about release the first home, #TheEdge at The Case. Private showings are available, the whisper campaign is about to start…. #scottgillen @sandrodazzan

I apologize in advance, I am a big fan of my work. As a matter fact I might be the biggest fan of my work. Whatever. #scottgillendesign I may have to like this myself…..

Sometime it’s best too just go simple. Whale watching! @scottgillendesign

Color is going on, getting better by the day. The Case is a absolute must see, The Edge is the absolute in mid century modern. Private showings are available, quietly being offered. #scottgillendesign #thecase #midcenturymodernhome #malibu #privatecommunity @sandrodazzan

Teak teak and a little bit more teak, we’re almost done here… The Case is coming soon, #scottgillendesign Private showings only… @sandrodazzan

It’s gotta to be straight, or we do it all over again….. 😖 painful #scottgillendesign #the case

As we near completion of the first home at #thecase in #malibu This home is called #theedge it offers everything. Private showings are available to qualified families come and make this your home. #scottgillendesign



PO BOX 2833
MALIBU, CA 90265