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The office up at The Case inside the Home we call The Edge…. #scottgillendesign


Stuff getting real over here……. #scottgillendesign

As we come to a close… hard work 😥 and a great team.. ok kinda tired. #scottgillendesign

The calm before the storm, I try to keep things simplistic and easy. This is #theedge located at #thecase rounding the corner now. #midcenturymodernarchitecture #private #privatecommunity

Love this backyard….. working as always looking for a great drone operator….

The Flat here at The Case, this was gonna be the second house the come to market but never made it….🤠 #scottgillendesign #thecase @sandrodazzan @coopermount

The office at the edge, putting on some finishing touches and then I’ll remove all the plastic. The edge is over 10,500 ft.² of living space, in this mid century modern home located at #thecase here in Malibu. What a passion project this has been. Full Photography coming soon, solid Teak windows and doors details beyond belief, painstaking heart wrenching and exhausting, exhausting, exhausting amount of work has gone into this home. One down four to go. #scottgillendesign #malibu #private #architecture #views @sandrodazzan @coopermount

Good morning sunshine, we are getting ready to pour the concrete for the fire pit area and the bocce ball court. Working working working. #scottgillendesign #thecase

It’s a ton of work to form out all these individual squares, but it’s well worth it when it’s done. this is the progress we made today not quite sure where the sunshine went. I will keep you posted



PO BOX 2833
MALIBU, CA 90265