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March of 2023…. I think it’s pretty good. #scottgillendesign #malibu

It’s time to start the details, let the cleaning begin. #theedge #scottgillendesign #thecase @sandrodazzan @coopermount

This Home is called #theedge and it’s one of five individual home estates at #thecase located in Malibu… It is a legacy in Malibu, I will look back and say….. yes I built those. If you have watched this process, then you know just how complex this has been. #scottgillendesign #malibu #private

Well now that there’s water in the pool I will let you see this side of the home. As I said yesterday what a joy and how exhausting it has been, but we’re coming together. Working on the fire pit and the bocce ball court. #scottgillendesign @sofiagillen_ #thecase @sandrodazzan @coopermount

Three years ago I started this journey, I wanted to create an environment of complete pause. Today is the day we see it all coming together. Water going in the pool, BOOM 💥 what a moment it was. So proud excited and exhausting, all at the same time. The Case as it’s known is nearly complete and this is The Edge as it’s come to me called. Five mid century modern home estates in total and the word epic come to mind. This is a Legacy for me and to have my daughter working along side has been such a absolute joy. I hope she follows in my footsteps and creates her own Legacy one day…. Pool is almost full, complete pictures of the home will be out soon…. Hope you love it like I do…. #scottgillendesign @sofiagillen_ @sandrodazzan @coopermount for those of you who have filled the process… here you go…. Comments are open now.

Pool is 88ft long 9 ft deep and full hand made tile. Anybody can just put plaster in. #scottgillendesign

Work in progress

Malibu… no place like this…. #scottgillendesign

We hung a bit of art today, this one particular is pretty awesome. #thecase #private #scottgillendesign #malibu

Simple but complicated, highly sophisticated but extremely easy. I went for the architectural lines and keep it subtle. From the moment you walk in, there is a calm but extremely easy feeling. You can’t figure out why but it feels great…. Very proud of all five of these Estates. The Case, it will never be again. I have such a great dedicated team. #scottgillendesign #thecase #privatecommunity #private



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