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Some of the tools I am using in the process of design, this allows me to see very clearly my vision, and the end result. I spend a lot of time in the rendering process, as of lately I’ve been working heavily in the CGI digital world. I’m able to create a exact Duplicate of the home that I will build, pretty exciting in today’s world.

A sneak peek, massive, Ocean views, and another massive deck. As you can see, I love Cantilever’s, this is the house I call The Flat here at The Case. Cantilevers are tricky. It’s a certain balance, as well as the structural component, that allows you to achieve the effect. It’s dramatic and sexy all in one. You can’t really understand how it sits out there so far but that the point. The decks are also very important as it gives you a true indoor outdoor feel. Proportion can be defined as always, I’ll let you decide. I love the comments I get, it allows me to step out of the tunnel for a new perspective. #scottgillendesign #private #midcenturymodernarchitecture

OK OK OK, I know it’s not much……it’s just a bunch of concrete and some clouds. But there’s something about this image that strikes me very interesting. Is it the spine wall of the house ? The soldier piled burnished block? Maybe it’s the fact that each individual square was poured separately, with a precise 2 inch gap. Maybe it’s the thousands and thousands of polish rock pebbles. Or maybe it’s the carport or just maybe the overall mid century modern feel. I don’t know you tell me……but I love it. #thecase #scottgillendesign #private #theedge You know they say I’m crazy.

Just checking some of the projects at night, pure and simple. The best kitchens made….. #scottgillendesign #private #gated feel free to fill the description

This is probably the single best location in all of Malibu, view of the world. As I e done prior I will let the comments be the description. I’m very humbled and fortunate to have a team of highly skilled craftsman under me. My guys just simply get it done. #scottgillendesign #thecase #private



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