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So there’s something about drive and what we do everyday. What’s the point of just phoning it in, be better then yesterday. For those who know me, well you know how hard I drive…… #scottgillendesign #thecase

So when you focus on a plan with a vision it will come together if you stick to the plan and never compromise. I find it very fulfilling and extremely satisfying when the plan/vision come together. It always amazes me at the end when we finally take the picture and you get to realize your hard work and reality. The Case is nearing its completion and this backyard is just one of five that will take you into a moment of time not to be forgotten. I hope you will love it like I do. A landmark for Malibu and a legacy for me. #scottgillendesign

Thinking of a caption for this.

Look closely, tell me what you see. As always, I will let the comments become the description. #scottgillendesign

Welcome to #theedge, just putting some finishing touches on things, anybody wanna play bocce ball

Does anybody want to play bocce ball? Ok let the comments be the description. Who’s gonna be creative?

Some of the most amazing things happen inside reflections, you never know how the reflections will act when you’re designing. When the sun comes up and creeks through the cracks, this is some of the stuff that happens which is cool. This was just in the middle of the day I can’t imagine what reflections will happen at the sunsets… Scary. #scottgillendesign #thecase #privatecommunity #midcenturymodernhomes

At 121 feet long it still feels very inviting and intimate. I have lately just been letting peoples comments, be the description. #scottgillendesign #private



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