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A bit of sunshine for you from Malibu,

Cut glass blind Conner window installed ✅ doesn’t get better then this. So let’s talk about the view, this view belongs to The Butterfly house. No else can claim this spot…. Insane and Epic all in one. So proud to have done this, what a team I have….. loving this one.

Sometimes it all come together with the easiest of details. That is the case here, the amount of work has been tremendous but it’s pretty easy when this is your backdrop….. The Butterfly House is coming along very nicely…. #scottgillendesign #thecase Fire-pit massive 133 ft long pool guest house gym media service quarters and so much more…..

I was wondering around the Internet and I often question what people say about my homes. I decided to go on an AI site… crazy the information that you could read… Gillen’s projects often feature modern architectural styles, expansive glass walls, open floor plans, and luxurious amenities. His designs aim to create a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience while taking advantage of the stunning coastal landscapes in Malibu and other locations. Some of Scott Gillen’s notable projects include “The New Castle,” a beachfront property in Malibu, and “The Case,” a modern residence nestled in the Malibu hills. These properties have garnered significant attention and have been featured in architectural publications and media outlets. Gillen is known for his hands-on approach to real estate development, overseeing every aspect of the projects from design to construction. His commitment to quality and craftsmanship has earned him a reputation as a leading figure in luxury real estate development. Overall, Scott Gillen is recognized for his distinctive architectural designs, breathtaking properties, and dedication to creating exceptional living environments in some of the most desirable locations in California. I would love to hear your thoughts. I try to do the absolute best in each and ever home, I just wanna do better then yesterday.

When we build our windows we try to go big every time. This Conner unit is solid teak and took some time too make. Getting it in place was no small feat…it looks down on the Malibu colony beach and the view is just epic. #scottgillendesign #thecase

The library is the first room you see at The Edge, from here you can see it all. From the desk you see the front door and through the great room and off to the pool with its massive ocean view… of course from this angle, you can’t see any of that, maybe I should’ve taken a picture differently. I always like the surprise.

OK, I’m a little obsessed with color and saturation maybe even a little bit of muted vibes… slim Aarons shit…

As I always say, it doesn’t look like much now, but just wait. #TheButterflyHouse. One of the premier homes here at the case, is coming along nicely. With a pool of 133 feet long and the deck the same. Come see this home it’s bananas

Kind of a time capsule if you will, the most epic spot there was.

When I started the case, I stood there on the dirt and visualized exactly what I was going to design. Looking back on that day today, I can honestly tell you I had no idea what that would be, yet again they will look just like this. It’s a very difficult statement to articulate and of course it makes no sense whatsoever. I wanted something very mid century modern, as I’ve said, before, I’ve always try too reinvent myself every day. This is the next home up at the case, I call it #TheCantilever. It gets it’s name from the massive cantilevered roof system on the ocean side, it’s about 24 feet long with no upright structural post. It hangs in the air like a sail. I found this fantastic dwarf coral tree for the front yard, accented by the poured in place planters. As I stand here today I wanted to create a separation between all five homes and I think I have done that. I hope you don’t mind the photo it was just down and dirty with my iPhone. #scottgillendesign #midcenturymodernarchitecture #malibu



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